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What are ‘Broome Pearls’?

The term ‘Broome pearl’ refers to a pearl produced in Broome, Western Australia. Broome has long been viewed as Australia’s home of Pearling and is steeped in pearling history. These days a ‘Broome Pearl’ is not necessarily grown in the waters off Broome. Broome Pearls are pearls grown in the pearl oyster Pinctada maxima which thrive in the warm turbid waters of Northern Australia. This oyster is also commonly referred to as the silver or gold lip pearl oyster because of the beautiful iridescent golden and silver lips on the shell. Broome pearls or Australian South Sea Cultured pearls are revered around the world as being the largest and most lustrous of all pearls. As a business our focus is to source the best quality Australian South Sea Cultured pearls and deliver them direct to you.