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You’re so vain you probably think this post is about you – don’t you?!

Photoshop Fails

Oops! Spot the mistake in this Photoshop Fail.

Well actually it’s about pearls – specifically Australian South Sea Pearls from Broome! According to a recent study Australians are a pretty vain bunch. The study, by ‘snappit’ revealed that 40% of Australians regularly airbrush photos of themselves to make their social media profile photo look better. At Pearl Wholesaler HQ we weren’t all that surprised by the statistic, they do it in the magazines all the time. Often it is done very stealthily or can be a complete fail – remember the Target advert from a few years ago? (See Right)

Either way, it is a form of trickery to present items in a certain way.  This is all well and good from an aesthetics point of view and sellers are always going to want to show product in the best light, but sometimes this is frustrating for the consumer. Have you ever bought something online that looks super-duper only to be disappointed by the reality? Well we don’t want that to be the case when you buy with Pearl Wholesaler.

Every pearl is completely unique with its own personality and that is exactly what we want to show when we photograph them for the website. There is no such thing as a perfect pearl and if someone is trying to sell you one then beware. Each pearl might have a couple of flaws, but so what! We’ve all got them and they make us unique.

When you view the pearls on Pearl Wholesaler you are looking at images of the actual pearl you will be wearing. We photograph them individually and rotate on each shot so that you can see the pearl in all its glory.

Besides, pearls are so damn beautiful there is no need to airbrush or alter them! So if you are one of the 40% that alters their photo for Facebook or Twitter then maybe you should take note – just like the pearls you are beautiful just the way you are!